Implementing GIS for Emergency Operations Centers – The Simi Valley Way

December 7, 2018
10:30  -  11:00
ASC 130

Presenters Randy White, and Jonathan Welker

Abstract: Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) and the City of Simi Valley Emergency Operations Center (EOC) have been working collaboratively to implement an innovative and sustainable GIS management and analysis system for the City’s EOC. This initiative leverages Esri’s suite of software products to provide a geospatial EOC solution that delivers critical information, analysis, and visualization for real-time situational awareness. A primary objective of this effort has been the deployment of a comprehensive, EOC-focused GIS suite to be used before, during, and after emergency and disaster events. Through this process, the City of Simi Valley EOC has gained valuable tools for daily operations, emergency preparation, hazard mitigation, and public interaction.

Session Category :  Track A