Revitalizing GIS at the City of Simi Valley – A Road Map to Enterprise-Wide GIS

December 7, 2018
10:00  -  10:30
ASC 130

Presenters Aaron Russell and Mike Chenevey

Abstract:  The City of Simi Valley implemented their GIS many years ago.  However, as the city and it’s geospatial needs have grown significantly, their GIS has been relegated to a minor role and never received an enterprise position.  GTG partnered with the city team to better understand the opportunities now and in the near future which could provide significant value for city staff and residents alike.  We also polled city users to determine existing GIS perceptions.  Most indicated that GIS is underutilized and underfunded.  GTG developed a Road Map which explicitly delineates governance, staffing, and solutions, and where the city can expend more time and energy to make a big difference in staff and resident access to solutions which will bring efficiencies, saving time and lowering costs.

Session Category :  Track A